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  • Scams like this are still out there and people still fall for them all the time.
  • Thus, it’s advisable to keep checking on their website for available at home data entry jobs.
  • We’ll also provide you with plenty of helpful Gig Worker articles you can use to learn more about each delivery driver job you might be interested in.
  • UPS provides express and ground delivery services, including shipping, package forwarding, and freight forwarding services, as well as package sorting and distribution.
  • So, if they are asking you to pay for the training, it’s more likely that they want to defraud you.

The only concern I have with the company is the nominal fee they charge to retain you in their database. I have checked them out, however, and I can confirm they are legit. Job posts go at a flash speed on Konsus and so it’s always a good idea to be continually checking the site for new posts.

What Skills Do I Need to Do Data Entry?

In 1930, UPS introduced the first motorized vehicle for package delivery. In 1933, UPS became the first package delivery company to offer 24-hour service. In 1935, UPS was the first company to offer overnight delivery. SAP provides top-notch, real-time data-processing solutions to meet client needs. Its solutions include analytics, application platform and uss part time job infrastructure, data management, IT management, and security software. Humana offers a variety of health, wellness, and insurance products and services designed to offer an integrated approach to lifelong well-being. Humana now represents over 13.8 million medical members nationwide and is recognized as the nation’s third-largest health insurance provider.

Conduct interviews, orient employees, and administer recruiting and retention plans. Must have completed or be in the progress of completing human resources-related courses. After taking a Shipping Coordinator job, Postal Inspectors came knocking. Watch to see how this woman found herself at the center of a scam. You’ll need to submit an application on their website and wait for the approval and job assigning. What I like most about ClickNwork, is that the work volume, together with the rates improves with work experience.

Needs experience in Access and MS Office Applications and ability to train and supervise employees. Generate reports used by finance department, conduct audits of procedures and methods, supervise and train employees effectively. Consultant needed for a remote option job responsible for supporting client needs, performing assessments, making recommendations. Must have exceptional organizational skills, travel ability, MS Office proficiency, BA/BS, three+ years’ FTZ experience. The Revenue Recovery Supervisor (part-time) will train and supervise daily activities of employees assigned to the area. Conduct audits of procedures and methods for the different UPS Systems. Generate reports to be used by the finance department.

USPS/Government Employment Scams

This is very similar to the check cashing scam, only much worse with more legal repercussions. Twilio operates as a cloud communications company that provides users with a way to make and receive calls and texts using web service APIs. Citizens Bank is one of the oldest financial institutions in the United States.

Remote parcel delivery work for a legitimate company

Konsus offers data entry jobs remote in an array of fields such as research, illustrations, and writing. Man oh man, I’m so glad I wised up when it comes to working from home. Luckily, I got the fradulent check days after it “expired” so I wasn’t able to cash it. I definitely know what to look for as far as scams are concerned. I admit that I’ve gotten burned a couple times, but now I know that you don’t have to pay to work unless you’re starting a business with Avon or something. I fell for this scam last year from a company called “Delta Olive” when I was desperate for work.

SEC Questions Twitter On How It Counts Fake Accounts

Of course, we want to provide you with an objective conclusion. That’s why we also studied plenty of negative reviews, which display the most significant cons of the employer and the offered vacancy. Watch out for offers made too quickly or that want you to rush. A job ad that puts pressure on you to commit on a short timeline should raise a red flag. Scammers frequently set tight time limits on your application requesting you to “act quickly.” They may also try to induce a sense of confusion. This tactic seeks to prevent you from conducting your usual due diligence before responding to the ad.

People Arrested After Stabbing Around South Charlotte Shopping Center

An in-store shopper is someone who is a part-time employee and prepares orders in-store for delivery drivers to pick up. Drizly is unlike every other delivery service on this list on a few different fronts. This on-demand food delivery company is another service that helps restaurants deliver their food to customers. We’ll also provide you with plenty of helpful Gig Worker articles you can use to learn more about each delivery driver job you might be interested in. On-demand delivery companies provide you with excellent opportunities for flexible employment that enables you to be your own boss and set your own schedule. Luckily, if you’re in this camp, there’s another job title available to you — on-demand delivery jobs.

Steampunk offers cloud, cybersecurity, data exploitation, DevSecOps, platform, and human-centered design services for Federal government agencies. Seeking a Revenue Recovery Supervisor for a part-time opportunity. Candidate will train and supervise daily activities of employees assigned to the area. If requirements are sparse and responsibilities vague, that’s another sign of a possible scam. To appeal to as many people as possible, scammers write job requirements broad enough to enable anyone to qualify.

The agency is likely to retain your services for long, even if you are working remotely. Overall, the jobs are flexible, easy to do and pay decently. Microworkers allow you to pick your preferred short tasks and work schedule, thus very flexible. The average hourly earnings for data entry from home are $10, and you can cash out via Payoneer, PayPal or any other payment option that you prefer. If you are looking for another micro-tasking marketplace where you can also make $10 an hour, try Microworkers.

In addition to completing background research, you can protect yourself by ensuring that online forms use secure website protocols. In 2018 and 2019 the BBB Risk Index ranked work from home packing from home jobs scams as the riskiest type of business-related ruse. The index considers the prevalence of the scam, the likelihood of losing money, and the median amount of money reported as lost.


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