The major objective of DotBig is to provide secure trading services.

The major objective of DotBig is to provide secure trading services. Details

Other traders must deal with an expensive cost structure and backward account hierarchy. It established itself as a trustworthy multi-asset broker suitable for all trading strategies, including scalpers and high-frequency algorithmic DotBig review traders. When trading cryptocurrency pairs, DotBig review transaction costs are relatively low compared to other financial services. This helps reduce overall trading costs, which can interfere with one’s investment abilities and objectives. DotBig is a global company focused on providing brokerage services to traders and investing specialists.

The major objective of DotBig is to provide secure trading services. Our registration is completely transparent and corresponds to the requirements of the international regulators. We store your funds in segregated accounts of European banks, therefore, no one except you can access them. I have nothing to complain about DotBig because this forex broker gave me the perfect possibility to enter this industry a year ago. It’s easy to find nice deals and benefit from them.

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Indeed, only on a demo account you can practice trading and hone the skills that you will need when working on a real account. I work and earn on this platform because it is a simple online investment, with a company that offers the best financial services. Not only do I get access to financial instruments for trading, but I also receive high-quality Forex news technical support and educational materials that help me make daily profits. DotBig provides a lot of tools used mostly by advanced traders but there are many features for beginners as well. It’s good to start trading, you may firstly practice on a demo account. The social trading platform also contributes to the growth of new traders.

It’s a simple verification process that provides fast and secure access to buy, sell, trade, or send digital assets to your wallet. Transfer fees are acceptable and this is very important to maintain a high level of digital transactions. Forex This helps the company to keep up with the industry tendencies and introduce new products and services that are likely to appeal to wider audiences. Her department also deals with the launch of bonuses and promotions.

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So far, this is the only serious disadvantage I can mention. To start trading, clients are required to deposit $100. We operate on the basis of constant development, which is why we keep a close eye on the state of financial markets, and also introduce the latest technology. The platform is convenient, it has all timeframes and indicators. For this purpose I connected the platform for copy trading.

  • Commodity exchange – makes it possible to trade various goods .
  • Our main goal is to satisfy traders who use our terminal and meet their expectations.
  • Variable spreads for major forex dyads similar as EUR/ USD launch at1.6 pips with the Tableware account.
  • The execution of orders is fast and the withdrawals are safe.
  • It’s a pleasure for us that you are willing to share your experience and impression about the quality of our services.

But I see that the company already has a good reputation on the Internet. But of course there are also disadvantages, but they are not so terrible. I tried social trading with them, it’s interesting, but there are not very many traders to connect to. If you are just getting started with online trading, DotBig offers tutorials and a help section. Experienced traders have access to forex options, the ability to buy and sell stocks, buy and trade cryptocurrencies, and more. The market is always changing which is why we keep up to date with the latest trends and provide traders with the most favorable trading conditions. There are a variety of financial instruments that can be found on our website, including CFDs, stocks, indices cryptocurrency, etc.


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