Repairing Relationships and Rebuilding Trust After Addiction

Repairing Relationships and Rebuilding Trust After Addiction Details

Moderated family therapy can help family members identify, understand and avoid enabling behaviors. Through family therapy, family members have an opportunity to learn and develop self-care interventions to help them improve their own well-being. Children in these situations are more likely to develop substance abuse issues of their own down the road.

  • In 2017, the Pew Research Center found that 46% of Americans had a loved one with a drug addiction.
  • Parents might be angry and not understand the kind of power the substance has over someone who is addicted.
  • The nature of the strategies for rebuilding relationships post-rehab depends largely on the type of relationship that needs repairing.
  • A recovering addict should expect to come clean about everything they have been holding back from their spouse or partner as a starting point.
  • It’s just amazing everyone truly cares and I’m so thankful we found this program.

But if both of you are willing to do the work, you can build a new, healthier version of your relationship. Exercise, eat a balanced diet and practice healthy sleep habits. Take time for yourself and turn to your own support system as needed. Be considerate of your partner when planning dates. Especially if it’s still early in their sobriety, it’s wise to avoid places where alcohol is being served. Instead of taking your date to a party, club, or bar, plan a beach trip or go see a movie.

Rebuilding Relationships with Your Children After a Drug Addiction

And you will understand that even if repairing the relationship is not successful, you will be okay. Loved ones may even try to step in and help, having good intentions. However, they may not know the proper ways to help.

How do I train myself to be more positive?

  1. Start your day off right. The best way to start your day off right is by making sure you take time to ease into the day and really prepare.
  2. Make a gratitude list.
  3. Rework your response.
  4. Stay active.
  5. Take care of yourself.
  6. Support others.

You may have even disappeared for long periods on end and left your loved ones feeling abandoned and worried. Children whose parents are addicts have relationship issues that need addressing as well. Very young children may not realize that their parent is behaving differently from other mothers or fathers. As they age, they may start to understand that their parent has an issue with keeping promises or being on time. The realization that the problem stems from drug or alcohol addiction will likely only come later in childhood. It can take time for a family to realize that they are dealing with a loved one who has developed an addiction to drugs or alcohol.The early stages of the disease can be subtle. Addicts can be very good at persuading family members that an episode where they were under the influence was an isolated one and that it will never happen again.

The 4 Elements of Trust

Those who want to let a recovering addict back into their lives must understand that bad behavior may still happen. The difference is that it will happen to a lesser extent. For example, a person who isn’t on the path to recovery might lie to get more money for drugs and alcohol. Further, individuals who have a substance use disorder have loyalty to their addiction. In 2015, the National Institutes of Health found that 10% of all American adults have dealt with a substance abuse disorder. Despite this, their disorder might make them lie or steal from loved ones. My son has been attending Victory Bay as an outpatient for several months now, with Heather Wilson as his primary therapist.

Be patient and remember that though it is difficult, it is worth the effort. Many children don’t understand what an addiction is and even if they are older now, there is still a good chance that they feel that you picked the drugs over them. When this happens, it can be hard to fix the damage that has been done and mend the relationship. Use the following guide to learn a few things you can do to try to mend the relationship with your children so that you can have the best future together possible. Even though you’re now sober, you’re still susceptible to relapse.

How to Rebuild Relationships After Addiction

To learn more about how to repair broken relationships in recovery, or to enroll in our programs, call our addiction hotline today. If you spend the time to learn how to repair broken relationships in recovery, it’ll be that much easier to put your plan into action when you’re rebuilding your life after addiction ready to move in that direction. With persistence, candor, introspection and an open mind, you can help fix a relationship that you might’ve thought was beyond repair. People who suffer from substance abuse are often unreliable, break promises and neglect responsibilities.

  • Support them and communicate honestly about what you’re going through.
  • Don’t make the relationship the sole focus of your life.
  • These issues can stir up feelings of abandonment, insecurity, or unworthiness that contribute to addiction.
  • I didn’t want to live like this anymore, and I believe that this is when God lead me to the doors of Victory Bay.

Our licensed therapists and addiction specialists will create a treatment plan specifically for you. When people decide to go from addiction to recovery, one of the difficult parts is learning to trust.


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