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But the last item I purchased was problematic – the item I received didn’t match the item I ordered. Apparently there was an error in the listing photo.

  • The items are beautifully photographed and accurately described that I can tell.
  • It took them 2 months to list it, despite me chasing every week.
  • McDonald’s is proud to be one of the most recognized brands in the world, with restaurants in over 100 countries and billions of customers served each year.
  • The second shipment went from Las Vegas to New Jersey which makes no sense to me.
  • After speaking with several customers service reps they finally allowed a return.

A Hermes scarf I sent that was still folded in its box is described as a shawl and priced very high at $895. They take way too long to upload items online. The second shipment went from Las Vegas to New Jersey which makes no sense to me.

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If you need faster shipping, contact the company directly and they will see what they can do for you. Shipping options for other countries are listed at checkout.

Certain mushrooms have the ability to transform our health, and Real Mushrooms uses 100% real organic mushrooms to deliver potentially life-changing results. A Real Mushrooms review on individually reviewed some of the brand’s best-selling products.

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Their products aren’t out of the realm of affordable – especially for a product that works for so many customers. All in all, this Real Mushrooms review believes their products are worth the buy. It seems like it safe , but it’s your responsibility amazon job work from home to do your diligence every time you are embarking on a transaction online. Keep in mind that even reputable businesses have complaints and unhappy customers . I ordered a pair of women’s shoes online, but they arrived and were Men’s shoes.

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And I will write complaint to a better business bureau. This is the first time I consigned with TRR. 10 days later I received an email with the items that were accepted, and the professional photography of the items and their listing prices. The commission and ease of doing business is so much better than my experience with consignment shops. The company provides access to labels that many people could otherwise not afford, and they do have great deals from time to time. However, they have several less-than-honest downsides that, in my mind, make them not worth dealing with.


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