Inventory Turnover Ratio Formula Example Analysis

Inventory Turnover Ratio Formula Example Analysis Details

inventory turnover ratio formula

It can also mean that you have inadequate inventory, which leads to lost sales opportunities. Stocking a large number of items that don’t sell quickly could also mean that you end up with a warehouse full of obsolete products and don’t have enough storage for the latest products.

inventory turnover ratio formula

The restaurant turnover rate is calculated by dividing the cost of items sold by the average inventory over a specific period. Despite the popular belief that inventory turnover ratios is a good proxy of a company’s supply chain performance, those indicators are proxies at best. They suffer from many limitations that are frequently under-estimated. The ideal ratio depends on what you’re selling and your specific industry. Other goods can take much longer to sell, like fine artwork.

How to Calculate Inventory Turnover:

The inventory turnover ratio tells an investor how often a company replaces its inventory, meaning how fast product moves off the shelves. Businesses use the inventory turnover ratio to help with pricing, manufacturing, and purchasing inventory. It is an efficiency ratio that helps a company measure its ability to use assets to generate income. An ideal way to avoid inventory issues and understand the state of your restaurant is to compute inventory turnover ratio formula the turnover rate using the food inventory turnover formula. Using the inventory turnover formula to determine your restaurant’s food turnover ratio should become a regular part of your business practices. This is how you’ll track product usage and sales while also indicating potential problems before they negatively affect your profits. Using the food inventory turnover formula, restaurant owners can lower their cost of goods.

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It’s calculated by adding beginning inventory to ending inventory and dividing it by two. You can also determine turnover by dividing the total sales by inventory. However, this can produce inflated results that aren’t as accurate since sales are oftentimes recorded at market value. Calculating turnover is possible using an inventory turnover calculator and the inventory turnover equation, which is covered in this article. It’s crucial for any business to keep track of in order to understand its financial footsteps.

Key Takeaway: Finding Balance For Inventory Turnover Is An Ongoing Process

Meanwhile, the cost of goods you sold was $150,000, including expenses like inventory purchases, warehouse costs, and direct labor expenses. The cost of goods sold, also called the cost of sales, is a calculation of all the expenses that went into selling your products during the period in question. A simple determination is taking the inventory value at the period’s beginning, adding all the purchases you made, and subtracting the inventory value at the period’s end.


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