How To Trade Bullish And Bearish Divergences In Forex

How To Trade Bullish And Bearish Divergences In Forex Details

divergence forex

The above figure shows an example of a false divergence between the price chart and the MACD histogram. Following the divergence signal, the price starts moving down, and even the MACD moving averages foes into the negative zone. However, the price fails to consolidate below Bollinger bands, which means the price is likely to be consolidating rather than trending. The Bollinger bands get close in the zone of the red circle, where the price goes into the opposite zone.

  • Sometime later, there are two consecutive regular bullish divergences.
  • Other types of divergence signal the trend continuation, they are also called reverse divergence.
  • Differently put, there should be two manifested highs or lows in the chart.
  • The main thing is to correctly determine its type using the oscillator.
  • This is When price action hits higher highs or lower lows and momentum oscillators doesn’t.
  • We set the stop loss like in the case with the previous trade; only it is below the price low.

The stop loss is set at a few pips (about pips) above the high price of the entry candle. The stop loss is set at a few pips (about pips) below the low price of the entry candle. The indicator line is shows that the lows are getting higher and the divergence forex price action is showing lows which are getting lower. There is also a special type of divergence – triple divergence. It is the rarest and almost unmistakable forex signal. An interesting feature is that the initial divergence signal fails.

How To Trade Divergences With Forex Com

It’s when data from price and indicators diverge. When price goes up and makes a higher high, we expect the indicator to do the same, make higher highs. If the indicator fails to make a new high and makes a lower high instead, it has diverged from price. I picked a long-term period, weekly chart, to better see how the divergence strategy works. Let’s understand these 4 types of divergences in detail. Trading can be used to give your analytical skills the push they need to make you a very profitable trader. As we can see from the 4-hour chart, the price reached a high in the previous week and then made a higher high the following week.

divergence forex

These indicators offer a simple method of recognizing patterns and predicting which way the price will trend. Procrastination to trade is when your trading set up confirms and you hesitate to take trade.

What Is Divergence Trading?

At the same time, it is clear outside the window, and you see that everything is in order with the plane. The best thing about divergences is that you’re usually buying near the bottom or selling near the top.

divergence forex

However, the indicator sometimes draws lines that are not appropriate to the strategy. So the trader must be very careful to identify just the lines demarcating the true divergence areas. Naturally, you should not rely on divergence alone when opening a position. You should take into account the indications of other indicators, support/resistance levels graphical patterns, and Price Action signals. The following tool, which can detect divergence in automatic mode, works based on the popular OsMA indicator.

Hidden Bullish

Its distinctive feature is that it produces a lot of signals on any timeframe. However, the indicator is not an Expert Advisor and does not give clear signals. Its main task is to show on the chart all the differences between the price and local extrema of the oscillator. A trader should "separate the wheat from the chaff" and choose promising signals, ignoring doubtful ones. After all the reason to exit a trade is if there is an opposite entry signal, which in this case, is another divergence that points to the opposite site.

The Best Divergence Trading Strategy

I enter a trade when the RSI line goes outside the overbought zone . I exit a trade when the RSI oversold signal is sent. I marked the point with the green circle in the chart above. If you want to learn more about the RSI indicator, you should read the article about the Relative Strength Index – RSI indicator. So, you can exit the trade according to any reversal signal. I recommend beginner traders to set the take profit at a distance twice as long as that of the stop loss; this is a simple and winning trading strategy.

Or they are part of a filter that checks signals for reliability. Knowledge and ability to work with divergence signals can hardly be overestimated. These skills help a trader at least avoid major mistakes and keep the deposit. Hidden or extended divergence forex divergences signal the trend continuation. So, you should enter a trade in the ongoing trend direction when you spot a hidden or an extended divergence. In other words, the signal accumulates, and a double or triple signal appears.


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