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Nigeria has the biggest population and the largest economy in Africa and is also reported to have the fastest-growing middle class. With the consumer boom in the country, Forex is becoming very popular among Nigerians, especially young and educated ones. As a result, it is estimated that Nigeria has the second-biggest Forex retail Forex market in Africa, trailing only South Africa. We help individuals you send money abroad for less compared to traditional providers. These values represent the daily average of the Bid and Ask rates OANDA receives from many data sources. Our guide explores the most traded commodities worldwide and how to start trading them.

  • Foreign currency Demand drafts are physical paper drafts that can be carried internationally or couriered/mailed to a beneficiary abroad.
  • Quality execution combined with the tools and resources necessary to elevate your trading.
  • View live forex rates at a glance and be well placed to enter or exit a trade.
  • Demand drafts are secured payment instruments and guarantee the availability of funds since a bank issues them.
  • Access additional exposure into unleveraged spot metals and diversify your trading.

A demo account is an account which allows you to trade the same way as you would trade on a live account but it uses virtual money. That means you can learn trading and test strategies without risking your real money. A spot exchange rate is the rate for a foreign exchange transaction for immediate delivery. Unlike the rest of the foreign exchange market, forex futures are traded on an established exchange, primarily the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. The spot market is the most straightforward of the Forex markets. A transaction in the spot market is an agreement to trade one currency for another currency at the prevailing spot rate. In forex trading, currencies are listed in pairs, such as USD/CAD, EUR/USD, or USD/JPY.

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Wire Transfer services work so well in a limited period of time. A rather outdated form of exchanging foreign currency, travellers cheques have largely been replaced with the more advanced and more economical forex cards. While still safer than currency notes, traveler’s cheques are accepted at very limited locations abroad. Today more and more customers prefers to carry forex cards rather than Traveller’s cheques.

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As with all such advisory services, past results are never a guarantee of future results. Inflation is also closely related tointerest rates, which can influence exchange rates. The interrelationship between interest rates and inflation is complex and often difficult for currency-issuing countries to manage. Low interest rates spurconsumer spendingandeconomic growth, and generally positive influences on currency value. If consumer spending increases and demand grows to exceed supply, inflation may ensue, which is not necessarily a bad outcome. However, low interest rates don’t usually attract foreign investment the way higher interest rates can. Higher interest rates attractforeign investment, which is likely to increase demand for a country’s currency.

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As of Q4 2016, there are 146 reporters, consisting of IMF member countries, a number of non-member countries/economies, and other entities holding foreign exchange reserves. From Q4 2016, the data was expanded to include renminbi . Monetary gold is not covered in COFER but included in reserved assets, a broader scope than that of COFER. The foreign-exchange dotbig reviews reserves of China are the greatest of all countries and have been so for more than 14 years. The main composition of Chinese forex reserves is approximately two-thirds USD and one-fifth Euros with the rest made up of Japanese Yen and the British Pound. China was the second country to reach $500 billion and the first to reach $1 trillion in reserves.

Because the market is open 24 hours a day, you can trade at any time. Second, since trades don’t take place on a traditional exchange, there are fewer fees orcommissionslike Forex news those on other markets. Foreign exchange venues comprise the largest securities market in the world by nominal value, with trillions of dollars changing hands each day.


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